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Product Code : NP700401 - WOODEN RINGS

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Wooden Rings - Diameter 23.6mm

These wooden rings are great for exercises such as muscle ups and feel great in your hands when you’re all chalked up and ready to go. The smoother wooden feel creates a nicer feel for ring work, making them the next step up from our plastic rings.

Training with rings increases strength in a way traditional weightlifting can’t. Creating a new level of intensity as well as an excellent source of strength training, they’re great for improving power, stamina and agility.

These rings feel great in your hands, giving you a better feel and grip, and are durable, made from the best quality.

Plastic Rings - Diameter 23.6mm

These plastic rings are excellent to begin your strength training as you venture into the world of gymnastic-style training, including muscle ups and ring dips.

Excellent in strength training, these rings provide you with a myriad of exercises, such as ring dips and muscle ups; testing your endurance and stamina for full body weight training

Providing a smooth feel these rings are best used with chalked up hands for a more secure grip.